Students of Faculty of Management Studies have been making short films on various themes of Management Concepts since the year 2009. Every year the theme has been kept focusing on the contemporary issues of management concepts that can bring a sea change in the way the organisations sustain, with success. Till date the themes covered are Leaders and Leadership (2009), Governance of Various Organisations (2010), Importance of Ethics in Organisation (2011) and CSR activities of companies where social responsibility and business sense go hand in hand (2012).

And then after the grand success of Yuvantas- 2015 & 16, once again, The Management Students’ Forum thought of inviting members of society to showcase their innovative prowess with the declaration of Yuvantas’17. Thus, the obvious choice was ‘Youth’ who are ready to show their empowerment to bring in a big change in the society, the ‘NGO’s’ who are involved in societal development and the ‘Companies’ who are dedicated in doing their CSR activities to show that they not only do charity but are also carrying on their social responsibility as directed by the new Companies Act, 2013.

Various Events for Yuvantas’17 are:-

CSR Vidfest: This category is for corporate houses from industries on the theme of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility.

Filmato: *(Team of 3-4)*This category is for school and college students on the theme of ‘Greener World – A better place to live’.

Management Events: This category is for school and college students, which contains various events to test their financial, marketing, human resource and operational management skills. They are

Vigyapanti (Team of 2-4) : Apply your “marketing gyan” here to become the next ad guru. Charm your target audience by your ad film & make them buy your product.

Aadan Pradhan (Team of 2-3) : We have come up with the latest barter system ‘AADAN PRADHAN’. This gives you the chance to come and barter your skills and talents with the prize. Here, participants need to jeep exchanging the items/products with others’ till the dearest priced item/product to win the game.

Wolf of Dalal Street (Team of 2) : Take the virtual money & play the game of stock trading.

Birbal’s Quest ( Team of 2-3) : (QUIZ) Create value and empower your knowledge through your wit and wisdom(just like the witty & wise Birbal!).

Astitva (Team of 3-4) : This event gives you a chance to strategically plan for & effectively execute your “scarce resources”. Prove it on this platform that you are the next ‘MANAGEMENT GURU’.

Karyaneeti (Team of 3-4) : (Treasure Hunt and Case study) An event where you get to transform your Karyashamta into your karyaneeti. Entwin, Enact & impact your audience with your Karyaneeti

Aap Ki Panchayat (Team of 2-3) : (GD &Debate) Direct & lead your audience with your oration skills.

Khel Khel Mai: How long it takes to become a winner? Well ‘just a minute!’ An event of a minute to minute games, that will leave you thrilled!.

Entry fees for different events is

CSR Vidfest : 1000/-
Filmato : 500/-
Every other event : 50/- per person

Prize Money

CSR Vidfest: winners – 20000/-, 1st Runner’s Up – 17500/-, 2nd Runner’s Up – 15000/-

Filmato: Winners – 15000/-, 1st Runner’s Up – 12500/-, 2nd Runner’s Up : 10000/-

For all other events: Winners – 3000/- + gift vouchers, 1st Runner’s up – 2000/- + gift vouchers, 2nd Runner’s up – 1000/- + gift vouchers

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